Life update #4

So I thought I’d be gone longer than this, but it turns out, getting my laptop and internet sorted was pretty easy going, so I’m online and hooked up.

I’m here, it feels very weird. I miss home but I know that’s not the right place for me currently. I’m used to hospitals so it doesn’t feel that unfamiliar (it helps I know two members of staff) but it’s a strange mash up of a house and a hospital. It’s called _______ house, you have your own room (shared bathroom and kitchen), but there’s still “the clinic” where you take your meds in a little dixie cup and obs every however many minutes. I’m only on hourly checks though which is good.

I’ve already done a stress busting group (that was basically mindfulness), which I was too anxious to get much out of, and a member of staff escorted me to the local shop to pick up some food. I just grabbed randomly at the shelves, I don’t even know what I bought – I haven’t been out without my parents in a looooong time. I think I bought pasta sauce but no pasta (great).

I even got hesitantly involved in a group cooking activity (a failed attempt at an apple cake). Now I’m in my room with a pounding headache, having not eaten all day and waiting for the doctor to come take bloods etc. Thank you so much for all your well wishes, I will reply when I’m in a better headspace!

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